Tournament Classification

In 2019, the JGTA will introduce more playing opportunities for players to build their Junior Order of Merit Status. Merit Points for the 2019-2020 season will be awarded based on the corresponding point structure associated with the events classification – JGTA Majors, JGTA Invitationals and Sanctioned JGTA events (non-jgta). Please see the breakdown below.

In order to accumulate points and have the opportunity to be ranked on the Junior Order of Merit and earn AJGA PBE Status per your final ranking, must meet the competitive entry criteria found here. If you compete in a sanctioned tournament, you will have 48 hours from the conclusion of the event to provide proof of eligibility to accumulate the merit points you’ve earned from your finish.

JGTA Majors: $295

The JGTA organizes, conducts and sanctions elite tournaments for its members. Membership makes players eligible to apply for and compete in JGTA events and gives you access to a range of services performed by the JGTA to add value to your experiences and your standing for AJGA and College golf.

  • (a) Open to all JGTA members
  • (b) Largest single category of event with 10+ per season
  • (c) Tournament fields are filled by players who have the highest amount of AJGA PBE status and have properly applied to the event
  • (d) Members are not limited to the number of JGTA Major tournaments they can compete in.

JGTA Majors are ranked on the JGTA Junior Order of Merit, the Tour’s official ranking system, and the source for AJGA PBE Status in the Asia-Pacific.

Top 50% of the field in the Boys Division who finish below 21st will earn 100 Merit Points each.
Top 50% of the field in the Girls Division who finish below 18th will earn 221 Merit Points each.

Click here to view the full Merit Points Chart for Major Events.

JGTA members are eligible to apply for JGTA Major tournaments, regardless of their status.

JGTA Invitationals:

The JGTA Invitational will be the pinnacle event on the JGTA schedule and will be an invite-only tournament held at the end of the JGTA season (June), featuring the top junior golfers from around the world. This includes the juniors named to the All-Asia Team, which consists of the top ten boys and top ten girls in the Junior Order of Merit, as well as multiple AJGA tournament champions and players who have already accepted College golf recruiting offers.

  • (a) Require an invitation to participate
  • (b) One invitational currently scheduled for June 2019
  • (c) Entry criteria varies but most common is player position on the Junior Order of Merit, juniors named to the All-Asia Team, AJGA tournament champions and players who have already accepted College Golf recruiting offers.

The Invitational event is expected to be one of Asia’s most high profile junior golf events of the year, as the event will be weighted a higher point-level structure for Junior Order of Merit, resulting a final showdown for the top spots – and the Player of the Year Awards those top spots bring – as well as recognition from College coaches who will be recruiting at the event.

In the third JGTA season, only one Invitational event will be conducted by the JGTA at the end of the season. However, each following season, more Invitational events will be added, until a total of four Invitational events are conducted on the JGTA schedule each season. Other Invitational events added to the JGTA schedule will be formatted in their own unique way. For example, an all-boy or all-girls invitational, and team/match play events.

The JGTA also allows you to build your Junior Order of Merit Ranking by playing well in selected tournaments operating with JGTA sanctioning. The amount of Merit Points that you can earn from non-JGTA events differs by the type of event.

Sanctioned Tournaments are open to all junior golfers who are under 19 years of age on June 15, 2020 and similarly for their age groups. All players must be an amateur in accordance with the rules of amateur status as approved by the R&A Rules Limited and the United States Golf Association AND have not graduated high school as of January 1, 2020.

The JGTA records information on all players (JGTA members and registered non-members) who play in a sanctioned event that are approved by the JGTA and meet the required finish in that event. JGTA members can view their status anytime in their Player Account on the JGTA website, Non-members who meet a required finish in a sanctioned JGTA event must provide proof of JGTA and AJGA membership in order to be ranked on the Junior Order of Merit.

By competing in tournaments sanctioned by the JGTA, players will have additional opportunities to may build Junior Order of Merit Ranking.