Junior Golf in Asia is #OnTheRise 

There is no doubt that the JGTA has made an impact on Asia’s top competitors and their ability to pursue a college golf scholarship or a spot on a college team through the pathway that the AJGA has proven. The JGTA has recently reached a historic milestone – 30 competitors from the Tour committing to play college golf in America.

Diversity will continue to grow

The spread of Universities that players from the tour have committed to or are currently competing on will continue to grow broad, leaving no conference or region unturned. Currently, players from the tour compete or are committed to Universities in the South Eastern Conference (SEC), the Pac-12, the Big-10, the Big East, the Ivy League, the Western Athletic Conference (WAC), the University Athletic Association (UAA), the Big South Conference, the Atlantic 10 Conference, the America East Conference, the Colonial Athletic Association, the Patriot League, the Big Sky Conference, the Mid-American Conference, and more.

Be Ready for the class of 21’, 22’, and 23’

This season marks just the third year of the tour and Thirty college commitments are just the beginning. If you look at the Junior Order of Merit over the last three seasons, younger competitors on the tour have dominated. With such strong recruiting classes coming out of Asia with the graduation years of 2021, 2022, and 2023, the tour projects significant jumps in college commitments coming from Asia, and ultimately, the JGTA.

The Playing Field Has Leveled

Before the founding of the tour, competitors in the U.S. had a clear advantage when taking the path that the AJGA has proven, but the game has changed. Players from Asia are no longer playing catch-up to others in their recruiting class in the U.S., who had more opportunities to earn AJGA PBE Status in events held in the spring and fall. Now, many players from Asia can enter the summer months with the AJGA PBE Status necessary to compete in some of the best events. Did we mention that the probable youngest player in AJGA history to earn Fully Exempt AJGA PBE Status came directly from finishing in the top-5 on the Junior Order of Merit, Eila Galitsky (2025) of Chiang Mai, Thailand?

The Recruitment Process for U.S. players will become increasingly difficult

Recruiting competitors poised to play at a top collegiate level from outside the U.S. is becoming increasingly easy with the JGTA, causing spots on U.S. college teams that may have gone to U.S. based players in the past ending up in the hands of a player from abroad.

Stay tuned for college commitments to come.

About TaylorMade Golf

TaylorMade Golf is a leading manufacturer of high-performance golf equipment with industry-leading innovative products since its establishment in 1979 in the United States, and 1986 in Japan. TaylorMade is the #1 Driver in Golf and also provides a variety of golf equipment such as irons, balls, apparel, and accessories. TaylorMade has a strong sales record in the golf market in Japan and has gained high support from many golfers.

About the Junior Golf Tour of Asia

The Junior Golf Tour of Asia (JGTA) is the governing body for competitive junior golf tournaments in the Asia-Pacific for young golfers to hone their skills at the highest level, developing into successful Collegiate athletes and future champions of the game. Members of the JGTA compete alongside other top-ranked players from across the region, who share similar competitive standings and aspirations for greatness.

JGTA tournaments are ranked on the JGTA Junior Order of Merit, the Tour’s official ranking system, and the source for AJGA PBE Status in the Asia-Pacific. Players earn Merit Points from their performance in JGTA events to improve their standing on the Junior Order of Merit. Following the end of each JGTA season (approx. June 1st), the top-performers (60 players total) are awarded AJGA PBE Status according to their final standing on the Junior Order Of Merit.

The JGTA strictly adheres to the competitive entry principles of its partners and the highest standards of performance based entry, to ensure the most competitive tournament fields at all times.