The Junior Golf Tour of Asia (JGTA)

The Junior Golf Tour of Asia (JGTA) is the governing body for competitive junior golf tournaments in the Asia-Pacific for young golfers to hone their skills at the highest level, developing into successful Collegiate athletes and future champions of the game. Members of the JGTA compete alongside other top-ranked players from across the region, who share similar competitive standings and aspirations for greatness.

About the Tour

JGTA tournaments are ranked on the JGTA Junior Order of Merit, the Tour’s official ranking system, and the source for AJGA PBE Status in the Asia-Pacific. Players earn Merit Points from their performance in JGTA events to improve their standing on the Junior Order of Merit. Following the end of each JGTA season (approx. June 1st), the top-performers (60 players total) are awarded AJGA PBE Status according to their final standing on the Junior Order Of Merit.

It is the first and only junior tour outside North America with this capability.

The JGTA serves to grow the game of junior golf at the highest level in Asia, and harness the proven path to greatness that the AJGA has provided the world’s top professional and college golfers. The JGTA strictly adheres to the competitive entry principles of its partners and the highest standards of performance based entry, to ensure the most competitive tournament fields at all times.

Our Mission

Our mission is to prepare Asia’s next generation of AJGA, college and professional golfers for success through elite junior golf competition.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help junior golfers from the Asia-Pacific realize their full potential by harnessing golf and education at the college level so that they may live a more successful, fulfilled life on and off the course.

Tour Membership

The JGTA organizes, conducts and sanctions elite tournaments for its members. Membership makes players eligible to apply for and compete in JGTA events and gives you access to a range of services performed by the JGTA to add value to your experiences and standing for AJGA and College golf.

Conditions of Eligibility
  1.  All players must be a member of the American Junior Golf Association (AJGA).
  2.  All players must hold an active JGTA Tour Card.
  3.  Participation in JGTA events is reserved for amateur golfers.
  4.  The minimum age requirement is 12 years old.
  5.  Once a player starts college, they are no longer eligible, regardless of age.
Tournament Entry Criteria

Players with the highest number of AJGA PBE Stars at the time of application will be given the first priority.

Official Tie Breaks

Category I: Local Exemptions
Category II: Junior Order of Merit Ranking
Category III: Rolex AJGA Ranking
Category IV: Previous Season’s Junior Order of Merit Ranking
Category V: Graduation Year (Priority to Seniors)
Category VI: Junior Golf Scoreboard Ranking
Category VII: Local Players
Category VIII: Random Draw

Applying to Events

Player HQ

Only JGTA Tour Card holders will be allowed to apply for all JGTA events, and may do so in their Player HQ.

Event Microsites

Each event will have its own microsite page on the official JGTA website, providing details about the event. 

Event Applications

Tour Card holders may submit and withdrawal applications for a tournament up until the published Application Deadline.

Entry Criteria

The JGTA Committee will determine the field following AJGA PBE and the official JGTA entry criteria.

Application Deadline

Once the deadline passes, players applications status will be updated in their HQ and contacted via email.

Tentative Entry

Players who have earned tentative entry must submit the entry fee payment to secure their spot in the field.


The Junior Order of Merit is the exclusive source of AJGA Status in the Asia-Pacific region. Players earn AJGA Status at the end of each JGTA season according to their final standing on the JOM. AJGA Status earned counts towards the players summer tournament applications.

Players will earn AJGA PBE Status (“PBE Stars”) following the completion of the season, which is approximately June 1st of each year. The JGTA submits the final Junior Order of Merit Standings to the AJGA, who then add the corresponding AJGA Stars to players’ total Status, which they can use to gain entry into AJGA events.

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