Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Official Frequently Asked Questions page of the JGTA, where you may browse many of the common questions the Tour receives from its members and the junior golf community. FAQ on this page cover key topics pertaining to JGTA membership, what to expect at tournaments, and the JGTA ranking system – the Junior Order of Merit.

Making sure our members are well-informed is extremely important to us here at the JGTA. For this reason, we ask for your feedback on how to improve our FAQ for future readers. Moreover, should you have trouble finding the answer to your questions, we are keen on hearing from you and look forward to answering your questions. At any point in time, hop over to our Contact the Tour page and drop us a line! In turn, your question will end up helping out someone just like you, when it too is listed on the official FAQ page.

General / Membership FAQ

  • The Junior Golf Tour of Asia (JGTA) is the governing and sanctioning body for American Junior Golf Association (AJGA) Performance Based Entry (PBE) Status in the Asia-Pacific region. The JGTA is reserved for members of the AJGA who are committed to playing College golf in the U.S.
  • Player of the Year Awards – Junior Order of Merit Champions (Boy & Girl)
  • Naming of the 2019 Junior All-Asia Teams
  • JGTA Junior Order of Merit ranking and therefore, AJGA PBE Delegation
  • Top-5 Boys and Top-5 Girls earn AJGA PBE Fully Exempt Status
  • To become a member of JGTA, you must register and pay for a Tour Card online. You will see a link on the top left of the home page reading “Tour”, and a subheading reading “membership“. Select the “register now” link and a new page will open to the registration page.
  • Your Tour Card will expire as soon as the season is complete, marked by the last JGTA Tournament, regardless of when you purchased your Tour Card. In order to regain the privileges, access and rights that come with a JGTA Tour Card, you must re-join JGTA by applying for and pay for next season’s JGTA Tour Card.
  • Your Username and Password will be emailed to you upon registering for your JGTA Tour Card. A confirmation email will be sent out, including your membership login and password. Once the login and password has been received, you will be able to sign up for events online provided they meet the eligibility requirements.
  • Please be sure to provide an accurate email address that is checked on a regular basis to receive these confirmations.
  • If you have forgotten your username and/or password, please visit the “Login” page on the JGTA website and select the link reading “Forgot ID / Password.”
  • If you notice an error or need to change any of the information submitted on your Tour Card application, please log into your Player Account and select “Edit Your Info” – If you need to change your Grad Year, please contact Player Services.
  • Important: Please be aware that the information you choose to display should be the exact same as it is listed on your AJGA Player Profile to ensure college coaches are receiving the most accurate information.
  • Player Services will review your Tour Card application to verify that you hold an active membership with the American Junior Golf Association (AJGA). Once verified, you will be eligible to earn entry and compete in JGTA events. Player Services will contact you if we are unable to verify your AJGA membership.
  • Alternatively, members may also send a copy of their AJGA e-mail confirmation letter indicating players first and last name and AJGA Member ID to to verify or update their new AJGA membership status.
  • AJGA Membership for the 2020 season will open the week of October 1, 2019.
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Rankings & Status FAQ

  • The JGTA Junior Order of Merit is a points-based ranking system used by the JGTA to determine Tour-wide ranking of its members, and award AJGA PBE Stars according to player’s final standing at the end of the season. The Junior Order of Merit’s point-based system is loosely modeled after the Rolex AJGA Rankings’ 35-point level structure for both boy and girl divisions.
  • A total of 60 players earn AJGA PBE Status following each JGTA season. The total AJGA Status awarded these players is listed below. Please visit the Earning AJGA PBE Status page for more information.
    • 10 Members (5 boys and 5 girls) will earn Fully Exempt Status
    • 10 Members (5 boys and 5 girls) will earn 12 Stars
    • 20 Members (5 boys and 5 girls) will earn 8 Stars
    • 20 Members (5 boys and 5 girls) will earn 4 Stars
  • Players are ranked on an “average points per tournament basis.” A minimum divisor of three (3) is set, meaning that players who play in three or fewer tournaments will have their point total divided by 3 to determine their ranking. Players may be ranked if they have played in fewer than three tournaments, but they must play at least three tournaments in order to receive the full value for each performance.
  • Playing in at least three (3) JGTA tournaments will ensure you receive the full value for each performance and to be fully competitive.
  • Players who compete in 3 or more tournaments will still have their point total divided by the divisor of 3.
  • The rankings are normally updated within 2 business days following the end of a JGTA tournament.

Tournament FAQ

The Official JGTA Eligibility Criteria for the 2019-2020 JGTA season states:

  • All players must be a member of the American Junior Golf Association (AJGA) and hold an active Junior or Junior Plus membership.
  • All players must hold an active JGTA Tour Card.
  • All players must be amateur golfers.
  • The minimum age requirement is 11 years old.
  • Juniors who have not reach their 18th birthday before June 15th, 2020, AND have not graduated high school as of January 1, 2020 are eligible.
  • Once a player starts college, they are no longer eligible, regardless of age.
  • JGTA Members can apply to a JGTA tournament by logging into JGTA.ORG and submitting an application on their Player HQ and submitting an application.
  • Members must apply to all tournament through Player HQ. Applications submitted via telephone, email or by other means will not be accepted.
  • For all Major Events, AJGA PBE Status is the primary criteria that determines which plays are awarded spots in the tournament field first, in accordance with the performance-based entry principles of the AJGA.
  • Players with the highest AJGA PBE Status at the time of application deadline will be given first priority. Thereafter, JGTA Official Tie-Break Categories of the JGTA apply.
  • For Invitational Events, the highest classification of event on the Junior Order of Merit , Official Entry Criteria will vary.  Each Invitational shall give priority to three categories of players, including players with the highest ranking on the JGTA Junior Order of Merit, players named to the current Junior All-Asia Team, and champions of Sanctioned Events in the current season.
  • Once an application to a JGTA tournament is submitted, a confirmation email stating that your application is currently pending approval. Once the application deadline passes, a second email will be sent stating the status of entry into the tournament.
  • There is no limit to the number of events a member can apply to and compete in.
  • The entry fee to all Majors Events on the JGTA is US $295
  • Players who have earned tentative entry into the tournament field are contacted by JGTA Player Services informing them of their tentative entry. Player Services also reminds each player how they may submit their tournament entry fee.
  • Payment will not be required until after the Tournament Application Window closes.
  • Yes, distance-measuring devices are allowed in JGTA competitions. Please review the Conditions of Competition for more information.
  • The JGTA encourages spectators and parents to attend JGTA events, and requires spectators and parents attending to conduct themselves appropriately at all times.
  • For the JGTA’s Spectator and Parent/Guardian Code of Conduct, click here.
  • All accommodation and travel information for tournaments can be found on the main navigation bar on the Tournament Microsite, and accessed by clicking on the “Fact Sheet” link.