Recognition of excellence on the golf course and in the classroom.

Each season, the JGTA presents the Tour’s annual awards and honors to an elite group of juniors who have embodied what it means to be a student-athlete, finishing at the top of the Junior Order of Merit Rankings or achieving excellence in the classroom.

JGTA Awards and Honors Trophies at #JGTACiputra

Player of the Year

At the very top, there can be just one champion, and atop their respective divisions, one boy and one girl are exactly that. The JGTA Player of the Year Award is presented to the top-ranked boy and girl on the final Junior Order of Merit Rankings. As well as earning Fully Exempt PBE Status in the American Junior Golf Association, these Junior Order of Merit Champions have earned themselves the ultimate distinction.

Boys' Player of the Year - 2018-2019
First Team 2019 Junior All-Asia Boy Pongsapak Laopakdee (2023)

Pongsapak Laopakdee (2023)

First Team Junior All-Asia
Rayong, Thailand

Girls' Player of the Year - 2018-2019
First Team 2019 Junior All-Asia Girl Amy Gao (2021)

Amy Gao (2021)

First Team Junior All-Asia
Shanghai, China

Junior All-Asia Team Honors

The JGTA Junior All-Asia Team Honors exemplifies the Tour’s highest distinction for athletic achievements. The top-10 boys and top-10 girls on the final JGTA Junior Order of Merit Rankings each season are named members of the Junior All-Asia Team First Team. 10 boys and 10 girls who finish between 11th and 20th on the final Junior Order of Merit Rankings  are named to the Junior All-Asia Second Team.   

Players named to the Junior All-Asia First and Second Teams collectively represent some of the Asia-Pacific’s top-prospects for College golf.

Boys' Junior All-Asia - First Team
  • Amy Gao (2021)
  • Mariel Isabella Tee (2020)
  • Eila Galitsky (2025)
  • Yufei (Phoebe) Peng (2022)
  • Ieong Sin Kuan (2020)
  • Chloe Chan (2021)
  • Natachanok Tunwannarux (2023)
  • Yiyang Xu (2021)
  • Hoi Ki Lau (2022)
  • Yulin Chen (2021)
Girls' Junior All-Asia - First Team
  • Pongsapak Laopakdee (2023)
  • Kentaro Nanayama (2021)
  • Songge Jiang (2021)
  • Justin Sun (2022)
  • Gabriel Hansel Hari (2021)
  • Hsiao Che Yang (2021)
  • Jui Tung Wu (2021)
  • Markus Lam (2023)
  • Kaijun Ma (2022)
  • HanZhe Zhou (2021)

Scholastic Junior All-Asia Team Honors

As part of its mission to develop confident, student-athletes, ready to excel in the AJGA, college and beyond, the JGTA awards the Tour’s top achieving scholastic juniors for their accomplishments in their academic endeavors. Each year, nominees for the Scholastic Junior All-Asia Team are identified by one of the four key stakeholders from his or her junior golf community: peer, parent, coach, teacher; who wish to acknowledge the student-athlete’s impressive scholastic accolades. In the final week of May following each JGTA season, the Tour Committee convenes on assessing the merit of each nominee’s academic accomplishments and selects five boys and five girls to receive the Tour’s top honors for academic achievement and named to the Scholastic Junior All-Asia Team.